China best Hydraulic Main Pump K5V140dtp-OE01-17t K5V140dtp-OE01-17t (Trinity 235-9) Hydraulic Pump for Sy235c Excavator comer gearbox

Product Description

Hydraulic Main Pump K5V140DTP-OE01-17T K5V140DTP-OE01-17T (Trinity 235-9) Hydraulic Pump for SY235C Excavator

Product Description

MOQ 1 Place of Origin Japan
Warranty 3 months Condition new
After-sales Service Provided online-support Part number K5V140DTP-OE01-17T (Trinity 235-9)
Part name hydraulic main pump Applicable Industries Construction Machinery

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HPV145 EFI K3V112DTP-9TEL-14 K5V140DTP-YT6K-17T
HPV145 direct injection K3V112DTP-9Y14-14 K5V140DTP-Electric-17T
K3V63DT-9C22 K3V112DTP-HNOV-14 PTO K5V160DT-1E06
K3V63DT-9N3D-14CAT312 K3V112DTP-HNOV-14(PTO) Small Port K5V160DTH-9N4A
K3V63DT-9N09 K3V112DTP-OE11-14 electric control K5V160DTH-9T16
K3V63DT-9POH K3V112DTP-YT6K-17 electric control K5V160DTH-OE70-17T
k3v63dt-hnoe K3V112DT Solenoid valve for Kato K5V160DTP-9Y04-13T
K3V63DTP-9C22 KVV112S-1NCJ-12 single pump K5V200DTH-9C0Z
K3V63DTP-9N14T PTO K3V140DT-9N29 K5V200DTH-9N0B
k3v63dtp-oe02 K3V140DT-9T1L(electric control) K5V200DTH-9N4H
K3V112DT(electric control) K3V140DT-9TCM(electric control) K5V200DTH-OE30-17T
k3v112dt 1e42 K3V140DT-HNOV K5V200DTH
K3V112DT-9C12 K3V180DT-9C69-17T K5V200DTP-9N0B PTO
K3V112DT-9C14 K3V180DT-9N29 K7V63DTP
K3V112DT-9C32(Import) Brown K3V180DT-9N29 K7V63DTP-0E23-14T
K3V112DT-9C32-14T import K3V180DTP(PTO) K7V63DTP-9N0E
K3V112DT-9N12 K3V180DTP-9C69-17T (PTO) A10V063
K3V112DT-9N14 K3V180DTP-9N(PTO) A10V071
K3V112DT-9N14Inverse proportional K5V80DT-9N-12T A10V071 with gear pump
K3V112DT-HNOV-12 K5V80DTP-9N PTO AP2D2-28 without power
K3V112DT-HNOV-14T K5V80DTP-9N61 AP2D25-28 with power
K3V112DTP-9N14(PTO) K5V80DTP-OE02-12(PTO)(electric control) AP2D36-14T-15T
K3V112DTP-9N14(PTO) small port K5V140DT-1E05 393-2179
K3V112DTP-9N24-12T K5V140DT-9N01 K3SP36C
K3V112DTP-9N24-14T K5V140DTP-9C12-17T K3SP36C 175 Takeuchi
K3V112DTP-9P12-12T K5V140DTP-9N01-17T Large K3VL80
K3V112DTP-9T8L-14 K5V140DTP-9N01-17T Small Port PSVD2-21E without power
K3V112DTP-9TCM-14T K5V140DTP-9T1L-17T PSVD2-27E
K3V112DTP-9TDL-14T K5V140DTP-OE01-17T PVC90

And show you more brand models hydraulic pump application.

Brand Name Model Number
REXROTH A10VSO10/18/28/45/60/63/71/85/100/140
EATON EATON 3331/4621(4631)/5421 (5431)/6423/7620(7621)
PVE19/21 TA19
LINDE HPR75/90/100/105/130/160
KOMATSU HPV 90/95/132/140/165
PC60-6 PC60-7 PC78US-6 SWING
PC60-7 PC200-3/5 PC220-6/7 PC200-6/7 PC300-6/7 PC360-7 PC400-7
JEIL JMV44/22 45/28 53//31 76/45 147/95
KAWASAKI K3V63/112/140/180/280DT
M2X22/45/55/63/96/120/128/146/150/170/210 SWING
M5X130/180 SWING
LIEBHERR LPVD45/64/90/100/125/140
SAUER PV90R30/42/55/75/100/130/180/250
MPV571/035/044/046 MPT571/035/044/046
UCHIDA A8VO55/80/107/120/140/160/200
CAT SBS80/120/140 CAT312C/320C/325C
CAT320 (AP-12)
SPK10/10(E200B) SPV10/10(MS180)
PAKER PV16/20/23/28/32/40/46/63/80/92/140/180/270
NABTESCO TRAVEL GM03/05/06/07/08/09/10/17/18/20/23
MESSORI PV089/112/120 ARK90
SG02/04/08/12/15/17/20/25 SWING
YUKEN A10/16/22/37/40/45/56/70/90/100/125/145/220

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Machinery Test Report: Provided
Application: 235-9 Sy235c Excavator Machine
Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops
OEM: Yes
Conment Code: Hydraulic Pump Parts, Motor, Hydraulic Pump
Part Model: K5V140dtp-OE01-17t


Customized Request

pto gearbox

Lubrication Requirements for Smooth Functioning of Miter Gearboxes

Proper lubrication is crucial for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of miter gearboxes. Follow these lubrication requirements to maintain optimal gearbox performance:

  1. Appropriate Lubricant: Select a high-quality lubricant specifically designed for gear applications. The lubricant should have the necessary viscosity and additives to provide adequate protection and reduce friction.
  2. Lubricant Compatibility: Ensure that the selected lubricant is compatible with the materials used in the gearbox components, such as gears, shafts, and bearings. Incompatible lubricants can lead to degradation of materials and reduced performance.
  3. Lubrication Interval: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication frequency. Regular lubrication helps prevent wear, reduce friction, and dissipate heat generated during operation.
  4. Proper Quantity: Apply the correct amount of lubricant to ensure proper coverage of gear teeth and other moving parts. Insufficient lubrication can lead to increased friction and premature wear.
  5. Lubrication Method: Use the recommended lubrication method, which may involve oil bath, splash lubrication, or forced lubrication, depending on the gearbox design and application.
  6. Temperature Considerations: Take into account the operating temperature of the gearbox and choose a lubricant that can withstand the temperature range. Extreme temperatures can affect the viscosity and performance of the lubricant.
  7. Sealing and Contamination Prevention: Ensure that the gearbox is properly sealed to prevent the entry of contaminants, such as dirt, dust, and moisture, which can degrade the lubricant and cause damage to components.
  8. Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect the lubricant for signs of contamination, degradation, or depletion. Replace the lubricant if any abnormalities are detected.
  9. Re-greasing: In cases where miter gearboxes are subjected to heavy loads, high speeds, or harsh conditions, consider implementing a re-greasing schedule to maintain adequate lubrication levels and extend component life.

Following these lubrication requirements ensures that miter gearboxes operate smoothly, efficiently, and with reduced wear, ultimately contributing to the overall reliability and longevity of the mechanical system.

pto gearbox

Minimizing Backlash and Ensuring Accurate Motion Transfer in Miter Gearboxes

Miter gearboxes are meticulously designed to minimize backlash and ensure precise and accurate motion transfer between the input and output shafts. Backlash refers to the slight movement or play between the gear teeth when the direction of rotation is changed. Minimizing backlash is essential for maintaining positional accuracy, reducing vibration, and achieving smooth motion in mechanical systems.

Several design features and engineering considerations contribute to minimizing backlash in miter gearboxes:

  • High-Quality Gearing: Miter gearboxes use high-quality bevel gears with precisely machined teeth and tight manufacturing tolerances. This ensures a snug fit between the gear teeth, reducing the potential for any free movement or play.
  • Preload and Gear Mesh Arrangement: Engineers carefully calculate and implement gear preloading, which involves applying a slight force between the gear mesh. This eliminates any clearance between the gear teeth, effectively reducing backlash.
  • Bearing Arrangement: Proper bearing selection and arrangement play a critical role in minimizing backlash. High-quality bearings with minimal axial play are chosen to support the gear shafts and maintain precise alignment.
  • Housing and Casing Rigidity: The gearbox housing is designed to provide optimal rigidity and support to the internal components. This helps prevent deflection or deformation that could contribute to backlash.
  • Lubrication: Adequate lubrication is essential to reduce friction and wear between the gear teeth. Proper lubrication helps maintain the gear mesh and minimizes any irregular movement.

By incorporating these design principles and techniques, miter gearboxes are able to achieve accurate motion transfer with minimal backlash. This is particularly important in applications where precision positioning, synchronization, and reliable motion control are critical, such as robotics, CNC machinery, and automation systems.

pto gearbox

Significance of the Angle Between Bevel Gears in a Miter Gearbox

The angle between bevel gears in a miter gearbox is of critical significance as it determines the direction of motion transmission and the type of mechanical arrangement that can be achieved.

In a miter gearbox, the angle between the bevel gears is typically set at 90 degrees. This means that the two intersecting shafts will rotate perpendicular to each other, allowing the transmission of motion from one shaft to another at a right angle.

The 90-degree angle between bevel gears is a fundamental feature that enables various applications where changes in motion direction are required within a compact space. This configuration allows for the redirection of rotational energy and torque, making it useful in applications such as changing the orientation of power flow, redirecting motion, and transmitting power around obstacles or corners.

It’s important to note that the angle between bevel gears can be customized to different values, but 90 degrees is the most common configuration in miter gearboxes due to its versatile and practical nature. The precise angle and arrangement of the bevel gears ensure efficient motion transmission while accommodating the specific requirements of the mechanical system in which the miter gearbox is used.

China best Hydraulic Main Pump K5V140dtp-OE01-17t K5V140dtp-OE01-17t (Trinity 235-9) Hydraulic Pump for Sy235c Excavator   comer gearbox	China best Hydraulic Main Pump K5V140dtp-OE01-17t K5V140dtp-OE01-17t (Trinity 235-9) Hydraulic Pump for Sy235c Excavator   comer gearbox
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