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China manufacturer Gearbox Km71024 for Pto Drive Hydraulic System synchromesh gearbox

Product Description

Gearbox KM71571 for Pto Drive Hydraulic System

The  Gearboxes are designed for connecting gear pumps to farm tractor power take offs (PTO).Output speed of power take offs is 540rpm which can be compared with the proper running speeds of hydraulic pumps.Different input running speeds can also be suitable,provided that the PTO gearbox output speed does not exceed 3000 rpm.

Made in Steel CHINAMFG 18 PCR M03.Stub teeth guarantee very high resistance and run very quietly.

Made in steel CHINAMFG 16 CRN4.They are coupled with splined gears and are designed to stand the torque values stated in the catalogue.

SAE 90 gear oil must be put in the pto gearbox prior to use, change the oil after the first 60-80 hours and then every 12 months or 1500 hours which ever falls first.

Please check the oil level via the special oil window every 50 hours.Working temperatures should not exceed 120 degrees celcius under continuos duty cycle.

Packaging & Shipping

Plastic bag packing for 1 piece / two pieces in 1 exporting carton / 100 cartons put on a pallet



1.Q:Is your company a trading company or a manufacturer?

A:Our company is a trading company also a manufacturer, we have our own factory to produce gearbox, pump support..Etc

Also we distribute gear pumps, tractor machinery,dump truck pump  from selected premium suppliers to meet customers’ variable demand.


2.Q:What about the quality control and warranty ?

A:”Quality first, Customers foremost”.Every piece of products is cheeked and tested strictly 1 by 1 before packing and shipping.

Our products have 1 year warranty, technical support is endless from us.


3.Q:Can you provide samples for checking and testing?

A:Yes,we provide free samples for checking the build quality and real performance of our products,the freight need to be coverd by customer.


4.Q:How can I get to your company?

A:Our company address is No.888 Huaxu Road,Xihu (West Lake) Dis. district,ZheJiang ,China

It is about 30 minutes by car from ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) Dis.ao airport or ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) Dis.ao Railway station.

Type: Forest Machine
Usage: Agricultural Products Processing, Farmland Infrastructure
Material: Aluminum
Power Source: Diesel
Weight: 9.8kg
Transport Package: Carton+Pallet
US$ 90/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample



Customized Request

pto gearbox

Lubrication Requirements for Smooth Functioning of Miter Gearboxes

Proper lubrication is crucial for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of miter gearboxes. Follow these lubrication requirements to maintain optimal gearbox performance:

  1. Appropriate Lubricant: Select a high-quality lubricant specifically designed for gear applications. The lubricant should have the necessary viscosity and additives to provide adequate protection and reduce friction.
  2. Lubricant Compatibility: Ensure that the selected lubricant is compatible with the materials used in the gearbox components, such as gears, shafts, and bearings. Incompatible lubricants can lead to degradation of materials and reduced performance.
  3. Lubrication Interval: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication frequency. Regular lubrication helps prevent wear, reduce friction, and dissipate heat generated during operation.
  4. Proper Quantity: Apply the correct amount of lubricant to ensure proper coverage of gear teeth and other moving parts. Insufficient lubrication can lead to increased friction and premature wear.
  5. Lubrication Method: Use the recommended lubrication method, which may involve oil bath, splash lubrication, or forced lubrication, depending on the gearbox design and application.
  6. Temperature Considerations: Take into account the operating temperature of the gearbox and choose a lubricant that can withstand the temperature range. Extreme temperatures can affect the viscosity and performance of the lubricant.
  7. Sealing and Contamination Prevention: Ensure that the gearbox is properly sealed to prevent the entry of contaminants, such as dirt, dust, and moisture, which can degrade the lubricant and cause damage to components.
  8. Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect the lubricant for signs of contamination, degradation, or depletion. Replace the lubricant if any abnormalities are detected.
  9. Re-greasing: In cases where miter gearboxes are subjected to heavy loads, high speeds, or harsh conditions, consider implementing a re-greasing schedule to maintain adequate lubrication levels and extend component life.

Following these lubrication requirements ensures that miter gearboxes operate smoothly, efficiently, and with reduced wear, ultimately contributing to the overall reliability and longevity of the mechanical system.

pto gearbox

Miter Gearboxes in Robotics and Automation Applications

Miter gearboxes are indeed utilized in robotics and automation applications, leveraging their unique capabilities for precise motion control and direction change:

Precision Motion: In robotics, miter gearboxes can be employed to achieve precise and accurate motion at right angles, allowing robots to perform intricate tasks with accuracy.

Joint and Arm Movements: Robotic arms often require precise movement and control at various angles. Miter gearboxes enable smooth and controlled motion changes, contributing to the versatility of robotic arms.

Direction Change: Many automation systems involve the need to change the direction of motion, such as conveyors or assembly lines. Miter gearboxes efficiently handle these changes, ensuring seamless operation.

Space Optimization: Robots and automated systems often operate in confined spaces. Miter gearboxes’ compact design makes them suitable for integrating into space-constrained environments.

Responsive Control: Automation applications demand responsiveness and accurate control. Miter gearboxes provide the necessary motion control for timely and precise execution of tasks.

Noise Reduction: In robotics and automation, quiet operation is essential. Miter gearboxes, with reduced backlash and noise, contribute to a quieter working environment.

Miter gearboxes play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and versatility of robotics and automation systems by facilitating controlled motion changes and direction shifts.

pto gearbox

Advantages of Using a Miter Gearbox in Various Applications

Miter gearboxes offer several advantages in various mechanical applications:

  • Change of Motion Direction: One of the primary advantages of miter gearboxes is their ability to change the direction of rotational motion by 90 degrees. This allows for efficient power transmission and motion redirection in tight spaces or when components need to be oriented differently.
  • Space Efficiency: Miter gearboxes are compact and space-saving solutions for transmitting power around corners or obstacles. They eliminate the need for additional components or complex mechanisms to achieve a change in motion direction.
  • Torque Transmission: These gearboxes are capable of transmitting high levels of torque between intersecting shafts. The meshing of bevel gears provides a solid and reliable torque transfer, making miter gearboxes suitable for applications requiring substantial torque conversion.
  • Precision and Alignment: Miter gearboxes ensure accurate alignment and synchronization between input and output shafts. The conical shape of bevel gear teeth allows for smooth meshing and reduces the potential for backlash, ensuring precise motion transfer.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Miter gearboxes find utility in diverse industries, including robotics, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and machinery. Their flexibility and ability to redirect motion make them suitable for tasks ranging from conveyor systems to steering mechanisms.
  • Reduced Maintenance: The simplicity of the miter gearbox design often results in lower maintenance requirements. The robust construction and efficient power transmission contribute to extended operational lifetimes.

Overall, the advantages of using a miter gearbox make it a versatile and effective solution for applications that demand changes in motion direction, space-saving designs, and reliable torque transmission.

China manufacturer Gearbox Km71024 for Pto Drive Hydraulic System   synchromesh gearbox	China manufacturer Gearbox Km71024 for Pto Drive Hydraulic System   synchromesh gearbox
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China Pmb6.5 Planetary Gearbox for Mixer Trucks, Pmb7.5 Hydraulic Gearbox for Sales manufacturer

Merchandise Description

PMB6.5 Planetary Gearbox For Mixer Trucks, PMB7.5 Hydraulic Gearbox For Product sales

The reducer for concrete mixer trucks is utilized in the transmission system of concrete mixer trucks.
The reducer adopts planetary gear transmission, which has the qualities of secure torque driving, compact structure, much less routine maintenance and extended services lifestyle. The reduction gear human body can be bolted to the mounting bracket of the frame or immediately related to the frame and related to the drum by means of the output flange. The output flange makes it possible for for a specific angle of oscillation in all directions to meet up with the requirements of different sophisticated problems. This reducer functions as a front help for the drum and drives the drum to rotate through the output flange.
We could provide the CZPT hydraulic pump and motor, also the internal spare parts as beneath design:
1 A8VO: A8VO55,A8VO80,A8VO107,A8VO160
2,A2FO: A2FO5  A2FO10  A2F12 A2FO16 A2FO23,A2FO28,A2FO32,A2FO45,A2FO56,A2FO63  A2FO80 
3,A4VSO: A4VSO40,A4VSO45,A4VSO56,A4VSO71,A4VSO125,A4VSO180,A4VSO250,A4VSO500,
4,A4VG: A4VG28,A4VG45,A4VG50,A4VG56,A4VG71,A4VG125,A4VG180,A4VG250
five,A6V: A6V55,A6V80,A6V107,A6V160,A6V225,A6V250
6,A7V: A7V16,A7V28,A7V55,A7V80,A7V107,A7V160,A7V200,A7V250
7,A8V: A8V55,A8V80,A8V107,A8V115,A8V172
eight,A10VSO: A10VSO10,A10VSO18 A10VSO28,A10VSO43,A10VSO45,A10VSO71,A10VSO100,A10VSO140
9,A10VD: A10VD17,A10VD21,A10VD28,A10VD43,A10VD71
10,A11V: A11V50  A11V90  A11V130,A11V145  A11V160,A11V190,A11V250
11,PVV,PV7: PV2.PVV4.PVV5.PVV21.PVV41.PVV42.PVV51.PVV52.PVV54,PV7-1X,PV7-2X
twelve,PGF,PGH,PGP: GF1-2X,PGF2-2X,PGF3-3X,PGH2-2X,PGH3-2X,PGH4-2X,PGH5-2X,PGP2-2X,PGP3-3X
13 Other people: AP2D21,AP2D25,AP2D36,AP2D38

Usage Concrete Mixer

Q:What Is Our Principal Software?
A:1.Hydraulic system
   2.Agriculture machine
   3.Development machina
   5.Nearby distributors
Q:What Is The Payment Phrases?
A:Entire get:30% as desposit, the balance prior to shipment:
   Small order /sample ordre: entire payment in progress:
Q:Can I Mark My Possess Brand On The Pump?
A:Of course. Complete buy can mark your brand and code.
Q:What Is Our Principal Export Marketplace?
A:Europe (41.7%):Italy,Germany,England,France,Holland,Greece,Spain,Portugal,Swissland,Finland,Czekh,Russia,Poland
   Asia(forty.5%):China,Korea,Singapore,India,Turkey,Iran,Vietnam,Saudi Arabia,Syria,Isreal,Lebanon

US $1,000-1,200
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Application: Agricultural Machinery, Concrete Mixer
Function: Speed Reduction
Layout: Cycloidal
Hardness: Soft Tooth Surface
Installation: Vertical Type
Step: Single-Step




Usage Concrete Mixer
US $1,000-1,200
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Application: Agricultural Machinery, Concrete Mixer
Function: Speed Reduction
Layout: Cycloidal
Hardness: Soft Tooth Surface
Installation: Vertical Type
Step: Single-Step




Usage Concrete Mixer

Benefits of Using a High-Quality Agricultural Gearbox

If you are in the market for an agricultural gearbox, then you should keep a few things in mind. A high-quality agricultural gearbox will have innovative technology and features to make your life easier. Despite all these features, you should not compromise on the ease of use. Before buying any agricultural gearbox, make sure that you are familiar with its features and functions. Read on to learn more. This article will help you choose the perfect gearbox for your specific needs.

Bevel gearboxes

Agricultural gearboxes play a vital role in the production of food. If they do not work properly, the demand for food will rise significantly, causing costly downtime and a failure to meet production goals. In addition, the gears can be worn out and cause significant losses for farmers. In such cases, high-quality gearboxes are essential for the production of food. Here are some benefits of using a high-quality bevel gearbox for agricultural applications:
Bevel gearboxes feature enclosed spiral or straight bevel gears to transmit rotational power to the drive shaft. Bevel gear drives are available in various horsepower capacities and ratios, and they can be installed at different angles. For example, CZPT Gearbox offers bevel gear drives whose bevel angles can reach 68 degrees for grain carts and 50 degrees for portable grain augers. These are suitable for agricultural machinery applications such as combines, tractors, and grain carts.
Premium Bevel gearboxes are available in many sizes, and are a cost-effective way to replace worn-out gears. Premium gearmotors are designed with a low backlash and are quiet while transferring power. The bevel gears are crafted from hardened stainless steel and feature non-magnetic shafts. Agricultural gearboxes are available in many types, and you can buy one that matches the exact specifications of your machinery.
A wide variety of applications for bevel gearboxes in agricultural machinery is important. Most implements and tractors have PTOs, which transmit high torque but only at slower speeds than standard 540 or 1000 rpm. A bevel gearbox is needed for these high-demand situations. They are not only used in agriculture, but are also used in wheel drives and massive torque low-speed applications.

Closed-loop seals

The installation of closed-loop seals in agricultural gearboxes has a number of advantages. For one thing, they isolate the gearbox from the atmosphere, which is essential for the safety of the equipment. A desiccant breather is not enough to protect the gearbox from water damage; closed-loop seals prevent water from entering the gearbox. In fact, a closed-loop elastomeric seal can prevent up to 90% of leakage.
The CZPT gearbox is available on the entire line of CZPT irrigation systems. It is designed to turn with the drive shaft, and it places seal lips inside a cavity filled with a high-temperature grease, which minimizes the possibility of dislocation. In addition, the CZPT gearbox features a sealed housing surrounded by an eight-year warranty. It is also compatible with mobile irrigation systems.
An agricultural gearbox is vital for the whole food chain, from the fields to the table. Even a small amount of downtime can affect production. It’s important to invest in a gearbox that won’t break down easily. A well-designed agricultural gearbox will last for decades and should be easy to access for maintenance. The following factors are important to consider when purchasing a gearbox.
A positive gear ratio in an agricultural gearbox is a prerequisite for smooth operation. In addition, closed-loop seals in agricultural gearboxes will prevent the wheels from slipping and provide a positive gear ratio. Another crucial component of an agricultural gearbox is a locking differential. This system helps to prevent the wheels from slipping, even in high-dust environments. The ZHEJIANG HONGYE AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD company is a renowned manufacturer of agricultural gearboxes in China and has a pan-India presence. The company has been in the industry for over 15 years, and their products are renowned for their durability and performance.


Robustness of agricultural gearbox is important for the agricultural industry. Low-speed equipment is prone to mechanical overload under demanding operating conditions, which can cause premature component wear and reduce equipment longevity. Especially susceptible are components that are belt-driven, chain-driven, or fan-driven. Proper installation of system components will extend the life of these heavy-duty machines and reduce the risk of costly downtime. To improve efficiency and productivity, agricultural gearboxes are used in these systems.
Agricultural gearboxes are used in machinery in remote and outdoor locations. They must be resilient to the various harsh conditions they face, including frequent washing down and constant moisture. They must also operate near-constantly, particularly during harvest time. Agricultural gearboxes must also be hygienic and reliable, ensuring that they serve their purpose without any complications. As a result, they must be robust and reliable.
Modern industrial activity seeks efficiency gains and reduced weight. The ruggedness of agricultural gearboxes has increased significantly over the past few decades. However, this efficiency is accompanied by an increased need for robust protection and increased energy efficiency. Synthetic base stocks can provide CZPT protection for all gearboxes and extend drain intervals. However, high maintenance costs and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic may impede growth.


Agricultural gearboxes play a major role in the production of food and are essential in the entire process. With the increasing population and increasing need for food, crop cycles will get shorter and heavier, and the impact on gearboxes will only grow. As a result, farmers will need more quality replacement gearboxes to ensure the productivity of their operations. So, what makes an agricultural gearbox durable? Here are some important factors to consider when purchasing a quality unit.
Agricultural PTO gearboxes can be dual or single shaft models. Dual-shaft designs divert the power of the engine to an additional output shaft, while axle-facing designs mount between the engine and transmission and receive drive directly from the engine shaft. In this latter design, full engine power is transferred to the PTO, but the driveline needs to be modified to accommodate the additional output shaft. This means that the optimum gearbox size should be chosen depending on the use of the machine.
The transmission operating parameters of 44 tractors were tracked over a year. Different failure modes were identified, the load amplitude was calculated for each component, and the frequency of failure was calculated. In addition, a severe-damage profile was estimated from statistical analysis. Finally, the accelerated test schedule was determined by using an optimisation technique. It was set up to maximize the torque applied to each component. In addition to the transmission’s overall durability, the gear tooth breakage was also observed.
A durable agricultural PTO gearbox is an essential tractor component. CZPT Gearbox Company manufactures high-performance gear drives. They can reverse engineer an existing design or create a custom agricultural gearbox based on your specifications. Agricultural PTO gearboxes have many advantages over their manual counterparts. They allow a tractor to operate at the appropriate speed and torque without compromising the tractor’s performance. They can also reduce the output speed, allowing the machine to maintain the proper speed.


For optimum performance and reduced costs, a high-quality agricultural gearbox can help farmers make the most of their machines. An agricultural gearbox transmits power from the input shaft to the output shaft, facilitating changes in speed, direction, and rotation. The CZPT Gearbox Company is a leading manufacturer of high-performance agricultural gearboxes. Aside from offering a variety of standard gearboxes, engineers can custom-design and manufacture a gearbox for your specific needs.
With the CZPT marketplace, buyers from other countries can find a reliable, competitively priced Indian Agriculture Gearbox supplier. When selecting a supplier, buyers consider a range of factors, such as value for money, reliability, and past trade history. Agriculture Gearbox suppliers in India can be found in all major cities and states across the country. By choosing a distributor in India based on price and service quality, you can ensure your purchase will be of the highest quality and least costly.
While choosing an agricultural gearbox, look for one that is built to last. The functionality, mechanism, and materials of the device are all factors in determining how long a gearbox will work. Choose a long-lasting option so you won’t have to purchase a replacement for it every few years. Also, look for a low-maintenance option. A low-maintenance gearbox will save you money over time.
While it is possible to rebuild a gearbox on your own, it’s best to find a company that rebuilds gearboxes and parts. CZPT in New York will estimate the cost of rebuilding a gearbox for you. If you’re not sure how much it will cost to rebuild your agricultural gearbox, they’ll be happy to help you make a decision based on the details of your specific needs.
China Pmb6.5 Planetary Gearbox for Mixer Trucks, Pmb7.5 Hydraulic Gearbox for Sales     manufacturer China Pmb6.5 Planetary Gearbox for Mixer Trucks, Pmb7.5 Hydraulic Gearbox for Sales     manufacturer
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in Grande Sao Luis Brazil sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Hydraulic W11 Series 3 Roller Plate Metal Rolling Machine manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Grande Sao Luis Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Hydraulic W11 Series 3 Roller Plate Metal Rolling Machine  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

Good quality and credit rating are the bases that make a company alive. we are self-assured to provide our consumers versatile and diversified solutions. In the meantime, our merchandise are made according to large top quality standards, and complying with the worldwide sophisticated common conditions.

EPT W11 Series three Roller Plate EPT Rolling
EPTT (W11 6X1500)


This beEPTTs to a few roller plate rolling EPTT,up roller is fastened and it is the primary EPT,EPT motor EPTn by variable pace EPT EPT up and down roller belt EPT, to offer torque for the roll sheet unEPTTthe roller moves vertically by means of the EPT stress performing on the piston of EPT cylinEPTTobtained in orEPTTto clamp plate for EPT EPTT the down roll of the sides with side roller and cylinEPTTEPTn by oil.The EPTT benefit of stop plate bending(pre-bending) and rolling can be performed on the identical EPTT

Structure and main parts:

This products composed of function body , higher roll system , principal EPT system, down roll system, aspect roll device, overturn device ,EPT program(components) , electricity technique(elements), and lubricate system .

Perform body:

Body from the base, a fastened aspect frame and the tip facet of the rack, and every single component is steel welded construction. Ended up fixed with bolts on equally sides of the rack in the foundation and sides of the rack will be employed to link beams connected to rigidity good. Both sides of the rack up roller and facet rollers with movement of rail, mounted on the facet of the rack with roller bearing for half of the closed body composition, has overturned side rack shelf support devices. Coil drive in the procedure of each sides of the rack by the bear from the base not only supports the weigEPTT of the EPTT to guarantee the precision of the part of equipment, but also enables a torque between the EPT and chassis equilibrium, and will be a part of into a single EPTT. In the now traditional big-scale 4-roller bending EPTT human body and the primary EPT is different from the base set up.

Deatailed data:

1. Primary EPTT:EPT EPT created in Germany

2. Major electronic factors: SchneiEPTTmade in France

3. Axletree:EPTT-row self-aligning bearingfrom Germany

4. Major motor: EPT EPT manufactured in Germany

5. Programmable logic controller PLC:OMRON merchandise from Japan

6. EPT program: Bosch – EPT made inGermany

seven. EPT pump: produced in EPTT EPTTiWan

8. Function Roller:EPT of function roller with 42CrMo Alloy metal.

nine. EPTT display system:Contact Display screen for EPT

ten Transducer:OMRON,Created in Japan

11. EPTT lubrication program:EPTT-Japanese joint,which has block alarm

W12 Four-roller Rolling EPTT, plate rolling EPTT, EPT bending EPTT, four-roller rolling EPTT,

W11 A few-roller rolling EPTT,plate,rolling EPTT

EPTnical Parameters:

EPTHNICAL PARAMETERS for three-roller plate rolling EPTT 3 roller roll forming EPTT, mechanical roll bending EPTT,rolling machin
Product kind Pre- Doing work Max. Upper Under Facet EPT Length Top Width Fat
bending length thickness (mm) (mm) (mm) EPTT (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)
(mm) (mm) (mm) (KW)
W11-6×2500 6 2500 4 190 one hundred seventy a hundred and fifty 3 4571 1250 1380 3600
W11-8×2500 8 2500 six 210 one hundred ninety one hundred seventy seven.5 4660 1320 1370 4600
W11-10×2500 10 2500 8 230 210 190 seven.five 4660 1320 1370 5560
W11-13×2500 thirteen 2500 ten 270 250 210 11 5009 1430 1520 7200
W11-16×2500 16 2500 thirteen 300 270 210 eleven 4920 1460 1730 8110
W11-20×2500 20 2500 sixteen 330 three hundred 240 11 4970 1610 1840 1571
W11-25×2500 twenty five 2500 twenty 360 330 250 15 5040 1680 1900 11800
W11-30×2500 30 2500 twenty five 390 360 300 18.five 5571 1980 2100 15800
W11-35×2500 35 2500 30 430 390 330 22 5280 2180 2200 20700
W11-45×2500 45 2500 35 460 420 360 thirty 5645 2585 2300 30000
W11-50×2500 fifty 2500 forty 510 460 390 45 4800 2500 2450 45000
W11-55×2500 55 2500 45 540 510 440 fifty five 6000 3050 3000 49000


EPTT Detail:
Every single EPT rolling EPTT with plastic movie package deal initial, then placed in a picket case, wood situation with a foam filling.
We loaded the EPT with hefty EPTs for loading the cargo to the harbor terminal.At the dock we pack the goods in containers
and ship them overseas.
Shipping and delivery Detail:
Shipped in 30 daEPTTafter payment

Our Service
* Venture layout, performance introduction, complex agreement, deal signing, EPTT * Inquiry and consulting support.
* Sample tests support.
In-income. * We will provide you with the most current development in the solution assembly, EPTT and transportation.
* We will offer free of charge components for the harm to non – XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.n components. * Coaching how to install the EPTT, education how
to use the EPTT with video clip and so on * And our technological employees can go overseas to offer technological advice.


Our workshop:

Client amp EXPO:

one. Are you the manufacture?Can we go to your manufacturing facility? We are manufacturer and we are found in ZheJiang ,EPTT.And we have our
very own design crew for products design. And welcome you pay a visit to our manufacturing facility and verify our EPTT qualtiy on location,any query will
be solved on place at first time.

2.What is your primary merchandise and what is your major international marketplace? Our major merchandise are press brake,shears EPTT,press,cut
ting EPTT,locking EPTT ,auto duct line and connected items. Our principal international industry are Asia, North The usa, Europe, Afr

3. What are the benefits of your EPTTs?And how can i believe the quality of your solution? The main configuration is to im
port top quality products, and Specialist solution good quality inspection teamensure EPTT in prime-good quality, precision and lifestyle. For exam
ple,Germany Bosch-EPT EPT group,Germany EPT Main EPT,SchneiEPTTElectrics technique and so on. As soon as analyzed as q
ualified .our EPTT would be sent out.So The good quality of our merchandise is stable and dependable.

4. And are you able to update the production procedure Data in time following putting our purchase? After confirming your orEPTT,we
would preserve you up to date of production information of email messages and photos.

five. Can we be your agent? Of course,we are seeking for EPTT agent we will help agent improve the industry ,and supply all the provider
like EPTT technological issue or other right after-income issue, in the meantime ,you can get massive price cut and commission.

6. Payment conditions? T/T, L/C, Western EPT, Paypal, Alibaba Protected Payment ect. Purchaser paEPTT30% by T/T to begin this get, res
t 70%paid just before shipment.

7.Are you provide product steel elements and supply us specialized advice? Donning elements,Disassembly resource(cost-free) are what we cou
ld offer.And we can give you specialized guidance.Our technical personnel can go overseas to offer you with technical direction.

eight. How EPTT is your warranty? 13 months free warranty, lifestyle-EPTT maintenance. 9.Do you take customer Emblem and EPT ?
we take sorts of EPT ,incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. emblem and EPTT.

  in Grande Sao Luis Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Hydraulic W11 Series 3 Roller Plate Metal Rolling Machine  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Grande Sao Luis Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Hydraulic W11 Series 3 Roller Plate Metal Rolling Machine  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

in Kemerovo Russian Federation sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier W11S-50X3200 CNC Hydraulic 3 Roller Plate Bending rolling Machine manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Kemerovo Russian Federation  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier W11S-50X3200 CNC Hydraulic 3 Roller Plate Bending rolling Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

EPG has set up a complete set of top quality administration method which is provided with sophisticated inspection and examination tools. With EPG model registered in a lot more than 70 international locations like America , Europe , Japan and so on, it has associates amid globe top enterprises, such as JOHNDEERE, NEW HOLLAND, CLAAS, HONDA, KUBOTA, YANMAR, and so forth. We also can style and make non-regular goods to satisfy customers’ special demands. W11S-50X3200 CNC EPT 3 Roller Plate Bending rolling EPTT

1. Major features:
one. Pre-bending is available indicates prime-roller can be altered in instructions upwards- downwards, correct- still left.
2. Cone-bending function is also offered by adjustment of two finishes of best roller to make top roller inclinable, so that one particular finish is in reduced situation, yet another is in substantial position, with the aid of cone-bending system, W11S EPTT can produce cone variety tube.
3. Of training course, the required cone angle can not be arrived at in one particular time of procedure, it demands some operations by means of gradual adjustment of the declining angle of best roller. In the course of the procedure, workpiece lies on the bottom rollers, employees are risk-free and effortless to run the EPTT.
4. The condition of quotO quot, quotU quot, quotR quot or merged EPT condition is also offered.
five. The EPTT is accomplished with cost-effective PLC control function attain high working efficiency.
6. PLC is from SIEMENS or OMRON
seven. EPTT Display is from DELTA, EPTTiwan
8. EPT valve and O-EPT are from UOSHEN model, EPTTiwan
nine. EPTs are from SIEMENS manufacturer
10. Primary electrical areas are from SIEMENS or SCHNEIEPTT
11. EPTT is from EPTT popular brand name
twelve. EPTT frame is welded with quality metal plate
13. Top roller is produced with 42CrMo forded alloy metal
14. Base rollers are manufactured with forty five# cast alloy metal
15. To robust the bottom rollers, assistance rollers are adopted

Model Max. thickness(mm) Width Prime
Length Of base roller EPT (KW)
Pre-bend standard (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) Primary EPT Motion
W11S-six*2000 4.five 6 2000 195 one hundred twenty five one hundred sixty three 2.2 .75
W11S-six*2500 4.5 six 2500 two hundred 125 160 4 two.two .75
W11S-8*1500 six eight 1500 175 125 a hundred and sixty 3 2.two .seventy five
W11S-eight*2000 six eight 2000 220 125 180 four 4 .seventy five
W11S-eight*2500 six 8 2500 235 135 one hundred eighty 4 4 .75
W11S-eight*3200 six 8 3200 245 135 one hundred eighty four 2.two .seventy five
W11S-10*1500 eight ten 2000 205 135 one hundred eighty four two.2 .seventy five
W11S-10*2000 8 ten 2000 235 one hundred thirty five 180 four two.two .75
W11S-ten*2500 eight 10 2500 245 a hundred thirty five 180 four two.2 .75
W11S-10*3200 eight 10 3200 280 one hundred forty five 200 5.five four .seventy five
W11S-ten*4500 8 ten 4500 360 two hundred 330 eighteen.five seven.five four
W11S-twelve*2000 ten twelve 2000 250 145 two hundred five.5 5.five one.one
W11S-twelve*2500 10 12 2500 265 a hundred forty five 200 5.five 5.five 1.five
W11S-twelve*4500 ten twelve 4500 380 220 360 22 7.five five.five
W11S-sixteen*2000 12 sixteen 2000 three hundred a hundred and fifty 245 eleven 7.5 four
W11S-16*2500 12 sixteen 2500 330 165 270 eleven 7.five four
W11S-sixteen*3200 12 sixteen 3200 360 one hundred eighty 330 22 7.five 4
W11S-18*4500 16 18 4500 490 250 400 37 11 7.5
W11S-twenty*2000 16 20 2000 340 one hundred eighty 330 22 seven.five four
W11S-20*2500 sixteen 20 2500 360 180 330 22 seven.five four
W11S-20*3200 sixteen 20 3200 380 220 360 30 11 five.five
W11S-twenty five*2000 22 25 2000 360 220 360 30 11 5.5
W11S-25*2500 22 25 2500 380 240 360 30 eleven 5.five
W11S-25*3200 22 25 3200 410 260 380 37 11 seven.five
W11S-thirty*2500 twenty five 30 2500 410 260 380 37 eleven seven.five
W11S-30*3200 25 30 3200 440 260 four hundred 37 11 seven.five
W11S-35*2000 thirty 35 2000 440 260 400 37 fifteen 7.5
W11S-35*2500 thirty 35 2500 460 275 420 37 fifteen 11
W11S-35*3200 30 35 3200 560 290 500 fifty five 22 11
W11S-40*2500 35 40 2500 500 290 460 fifty five eighteen.5 eleven
W11S-40*3200 35 forty 3200 570 340 500 seventy five 22 11
W11S-45*3200 forty forty five 3200 590 340 610 55 22 eleven
W11S-fifty*3200 45 50 3200 600 350 650 55 22 eleven
W11S-fifty five*3200 45 55 3200 620 360 650 seventy five thirty 15
W11S-sixty*3200 50 sixty 3200 650 380 seven hundred seventy five 30 15
W11S-70*3200 60 70 3200 710 420 780 seventy five 37 15
W11S-75*3200 sixty five seventy five 3200 740 440 820 ninety 37 15
W11S-eighty*3200 70 eighty 3200 770 460 880 90 37 18.five

2. Our Solutions
1: Reaction in time soon after getting customer’s declare
1: Offer answer in 1 day
two: Usually solve issue inside 2 days
2. For massive EPTT, Installation Provider is offered as per customer’s prerequisite

three. Education Provider
Our technician is available to your factory and supply education of how to use our EPTTs. As well, you could send your technician to our company to discover how to work EPTTs.

4. EPTT Assure
We assure the high quality of EPTT (e.g. processing velocity and operating performance is the identical as the information of samples producing). We sign the arrangement with detailed technological information.
We organize final check just before cargo. We operate the EPTT for a couple of days, and then use customer’s resources for take a look at. Soon after producing sure EPTT is the ideal overall performance, then make shipments.

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We supply OEM service. With many years’ experience in these traces, we have been distinguished from other suppliers in China by our advantages in aggressive pricing, on-time supply, prompt responses, on-hand engineering support and excellent soon after-product sales providers. Ever-Energy Group CO., LTD. IS Expert IN Creating ALL Sorts OF MECHANICAL TRANSMISSION AND HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSION LIKE: PLANETARY GEARBOXES, WORM REDUCERS, IN-LINE HELICAL Equipment Pace REDUCERS, PARALLEL SHAFT HELICAL Gear REDUCERS, HELICAL BEVEL REDUCERS, HELICAL WORM Gear REDUCERS, AGRICULTURAL GEARBOXES, TRACTOR GEARBOXES, Car GEARBOXES, PTO Push SHAFTS, Special REDUCER & Relevant Equipment Parts AND OTHER Related Merchandise, SPROCKETS, HYDRAULIC Method, VACCUM PUMPS, FLUID COUPLING, Gear RACKS, CHAINS, TIMING PULLEYS, UDL Speed VARIATORS, V PULLEYS, HYDRAULIC CYLINDER, Equipment PUMPS, SCREW AIR COMPRESSORS, SHAFT COLLARS Lower BACKLASH WORM REDUCERS AND SO ON. 1. Certification: ISO9001, QS9000, TS16949
two. Ensure: 6 months
Our EPTT amp Manual steering rack is popupar to The united states, west Europe and South Africa.

We can create distinct steeting rack according to customer’s need. With experience and strategy advantage, we can be EPTTed to customize each and every depth of your purchase.

OEM 10307157/7832501281
GIDE-Push Remaining EPTND

We also can source olde mdel BUICK GL8 2657158

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  in Essen Germany  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Hydraulic Steering Gear for Buick Gl8 Regal 10307157 7832501281 manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler